Episode 18: Progressive Web Apps for Nigeria with Ire Aderinokun

There's been a good dose of hype recently around Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) championed by Google. So we decide to speak with Ire Aderinokun, to discover what this means for the web in Nigeria.

Ire argues that PWA technologies are more than a placebo and presents a real opportunity for a better web experience for emmerging economies like Nigeria.

Should you convert your website or app into a PWA? After-all it works for Konga and their customers, or does it?

We've got it covered for you. In this episode we examine different use cases for PWA technologies. You probably should use it, some parts or the whole stuff, its awesome.

Ire is a front-end web developer and she was recently named a Google Developer Expert. Ire shares her experience on web technologies on her popular blog, Bits of Code. She has given several talks in the past and at the 2016 Fronteers conference she talks about Progressive Enhancement